Valley of Knights – Mira’s Magical Christmas

A few years ago Mira and Kevin dicovered a secret valley full of exciting adventures, evil wizards and knights in shining armour. But the cave that led into the valley had collapsed and since then they have been unable to get into contact with the people on the other side.

Now Mira is deeply concerned. Christmas is just around the corner and her family can’t even afford christmas decorations. While Mira does her best to create some Christmas spirit, her big brother, Kevin, spends all his time daydreaming about Queen Eiril in the magical Valley of Knights. Then, one day, a girl is found, frozen and unconscious in the forest. She is taken to the local hospital, and to Mira and Kevin’s surprise, she turns out to be Queen Eiril! The passage into the Valley of Knights is open again, but what has happened there?

Together, Mira and Kevin find the entrance and enter into the eerie valley – but something is not as it should be. The evil wizard, Snerk, has found a magical armour and taken control of the valley. Now, Snerk and his evil knights are relentlessly searching for the young queen and the last piece of armour – a magic gauntlet she uses to make snow for Christmas. If Snerk can get his hands on the gauntlet – all hope will be lost in the Valley of Knights. Soon, the fate of the Valley rests upon the shoulders of Mira and her brother, as they race home to save Queen Eiril, with Snerk and his sinister knights at their heels.

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